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PassDirector - secure database app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 672 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: MacMedia
19.99 USD
Current version: 2.9, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 31 Jul 2009
App size: 2.35 Mb

PassDirector is an encrypted, password protected database for sensitive personal data:
- bank accounts, credit cards
- email accounts, web passwords
- serial numbers
- hardware passwords
- phone numbers
- any other confidential information

PassDirector uses strong, high secure AES-256 encryption. All cryptographic operations are performed using standard, system-provided iPhone libraries.

Other features:
- syncing between the Mac and iPhone PhoneDirector database over the Wi-Fi or iCloud
- creating new categories with custom fields
- renaming and deleting categories and fields
- custom picture for a category and an entry
- Touch ID authentication
- built-in web browser allowing to fill logins and passwords automatically
- Safari view controller is an option for displaying web links stored in the PassDirector database
- sending emails directly from the PassDirector database
- link to the Phone application to call phone numbers from the PassDirector database
- link to the Maps application to show address from the PassDirector database
- sending the encrypted backup file by email
- searching in the database

The Mac version of PassDirector:
- use the same database on your Mac computer and your iPhone
- editing the database on both iPhone and your Mac computer
- syncing between the Mac computer and iPhone over the Wi-Fi connection (your iPhone and the computer must be on the same network)
- syncing between the Mac computer and iPhone using iCloud

Latest reviews of PassDirector - secure database app for iPhone and iPad

Perfect !
A great sofware. The kind of tool I expected for a long time. I purchased the iphone version. I installed the sofware on my mac. It works perfectly for synchronization and passwords auto-fill. Continue on this way.
Very usefully
Thanks for this program. Its amazing.
Sheet happens.
After apgrade, program dose not sinhronising with Windows desctop part!
Version for ipad ?
When version for ipad ?
Worth the money
I have 2 iMacs. One mine and one my wifes. I have another password app on my iPhone and I have PassDirector on my iMac. The wife is always asking me for passwords when she is on her iMac so I decided to buy PassDirector for my iPhone. I synced it to my iMac and then put PassDirector on her iMac and then synced from my iPhone. It worked perfectly and now she wont be bugging me for passwords. This is the most I have ever spent for an iPhone app and I am glad I did.
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