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Perfect !

A great sofware. The kind of tool I expected for a long time. I purchased the iphone version. I installed the sofware on my mac. It works perfectly for synchronization and passwords auto-fill. Continue on this way.

Very usefully

Thanks for this program. Its amazing.

Sheet happens.

After apgrade, program dose not sinhronising with Windows desctop part!

Version for ipad ?

When version for ipad ?

Worth the money

I have 2 iMacs. One mine and one my wifes. I have another password app on my iPhone and I have PassDirector on my iMac. The wife is always asking me for passwords when she is on her iMac so I decided to buy PassDirector for my iPhone. I synced it to my iMac and then put PassDirector on her iMac and then synced from my iPhone. It worked perfectly and now she wont be bugging me for passwords. This is the most I have ever spent for an iPhone app and I am glad I did.

Purchased Product for Feature that was removed 1 month later

I purchased this product because it integrated with a Windows version of it and syncd passwords between my iPhone and my laptop. This feature was removed a month later and I am unable to use the product and will need to purchase another one. After contacting MacMedia I was told there were no current plans to support the feature that was removed. When I requested a refund as it is unuseable to me since advertised features were removed, I was told I would have to ask Apple for the refund. I have sent in support requests to Apple regarding the billing and have received no responses to my request for a refund.


I love this app but please make it so i can type with my iPod on its side

3 stars

Great app but please update for the price !

Nice design; need to iron out flaws

This is actually a rather nice app. The interface is clear, clean, and pretty easy to use. There are some cosmetic flaws that dont inspire confidence, and iCloud & Keychain Access sync support should happen at some point soon, but the biggest problem I see thus far is that one has to edit an entry in order to be able to copy the password. The user should be able to tap the password once its visible and select "copy" without having to edit the entry. The current behavior discourages creation of complex (secure) passwords. Also, as a suggestion, a password suggestion helper (a-la-Keychain-Access) would be a really nice edition. I havent seen a password app that has that yet. If these flaws are fixed, thisll be a very nice password app. Update: just discovered that theres a built-in browser with a really nice autofill feature. Bumped it up a star for that (although Id really put it at 3.5 if I could).

Tap to copy needed

Please add the feature to tap on passwords to copy. This is very useful when passwords are needed to paste into another App such as a mobile banking app with multi-layers authentication. Also, as a security measure, the copied password can be set to delete from clipboard in 2 minutes… 5 Stars when these are added

Good functionality, interface needs work

Excellent functionality. Two improvement suggestions are: 1 - WiFi syncing to the iMac application is a bit clumsy and not entirely intuitive. 2 - New template creation does not allow filed names to be customized. They default to field1, field2, etc.


Crashes as soon as password is entered. Is there a fix??? Worked great prior to this.


I lost all my passwords, this app needs to be fixed asap. Everyone please click on app support and send an email to this people, also report this problem to the Apple store. We need a solution!

Update ruined this app

I have used this app for awhile and it has securely stored my data but since the update, once I enter the password, it just crashes EVERYTIME.

Still not working????

I just recently installed the update for this app, unfortunately for some reason it still has not fixed the problem Im having. Every time I put in my password and touch the done button to submit, the app immediately crashes.

New update still broke.

Im starting to think that maybe all my passwords are gone and I will have to reset the ones I cant remember.

Still Broken!

Still the same issue. The latest update didnt fix what got messed up with the previous update. Still crashes when the correct password is entered. Very frustrating.

Update crashes

This version does not work and the same issue as the previous version. Old versions worked great. Last couple of versions exits as soon as the valid password is entered which means all my passwords are unavailable. I need problem fixed asap and will from now on use a second app to store my passwords so I am not locked out of everything until I receive a patch. This is near catastrophic as I have all my passwords in this app and only in this app (lesson learned to use a second app to prevent a catastrophic patch).

Someone from team may please reply???

It still crashes after the update and my life is about to ruin!!! Can someone please fix this issue as soon as possible???

March 12, 2015 update crashes on password entry

Used to be very reliable until the developers "improved" it. Still broken as of March 24th.

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